Good Ogre, M​.​A​.​A​.​D. Swamp

by Chill Wills

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This album is about Shrek. It was made using exclusively sounds from the movie Shrek. Please enjoy


released September 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Chill Wills Iowa

I'm a chill dude from Chill Town, and I make the best hip hops.

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Track Name: My Swamp
This song’s a tribute to shrek and
come up against him you’re rekt and
don’t mess with his swamp if it’s fresh and
Message I’m making is best

Donkey’s his loyal companion
He’s number one shrek swamp champion
Waffles his favorite for dinner
Breakfast or lunch he’s a winner

Donkey the flyest and illest
Nochi the shyest and chillest
Ginger the dryest and trillest
Got a hole try and he’ll fill it

Switchin up the flow you know it
Shrek’s my favorite show you know it
Gumdrop buttons oh you know it
Tasty treats for me the poet

Fiona’s super hot and I
wish she was my wife but still I
know I belong to shrek cuz shrek is
love and shrek is life but still I

come to you with one request
Don’t think any other ogre is the best
There’s just one ogre at the top
And he just stays right in his swamp

Don't need to know the muffin man
This beat is all I got
only shrek could handle this beat cuz
this beat is super hot

Just a start there’s more still coming
You can’t wait to see what’s next
Don’t try to make a song better than this
because you’ll just get shrekt
Track Name: Shrek's An All Star feat. Smash Mouth
It's a freestyle so no
Track Name: Waffles
My name is Donkey and waffles are my favorite thing to eat
Dinner lunch breakfast or snack it don’t matter to me
I like to hang with my friend Shrek but sometimes he’s just lame
I’m the hero of this story don’t believe me say my name

My name is donkey and I like waffles x2

Don’t got much to say, but this beat is super hot
Not a beet from the ground, if you thought that then you're a fool

I’llv take this chance to thank
waffles give them acclamation
It’s hard to measure all the things
Waffles have done for our nation
Track Name: Real Boy
I'm not a puppet I'm a real boy
So you just shut it cuz I'm real coy
And I say fuck it with my real voice
Cuz I'm a real boy play with real toys

And when I come in I’ll be real joyed
Cuz I’ll be gunnin all you fake boys
And while you scramblin all your decoys
In your bodies I will rejoice

Cuz I’m pinocchio and low key though
you know I flow and rhyme fo show
It’s so unco the way shrek’s known but I’m so stoned
so I say go and show the popo
grow the floflo get me knownknown
Don’t say no no if you don’t go
I say *pop* *pop* stop your blood flow
Just like Van Gogh end the whole show